You Know You’re a Hippie Mama When (My Version)

17 07 2011

I came across this blog and was intrigued, because hey– I’m a hippie mother, right? I just knew I would relate to the post, and then surprised myself in that I differed a bit more than I thought. Below is their list (italics = theirs), and I’ll do cross outs to tweak it to better fit me. Maybe it will better fit you, too?

* you rent bought a birthing pool

It wasn’t even a birthing pool, it was a kiddie fish pool.

My reasons: 1) Why rent when you could buy? After all, if it’s something you can reuse, you can give birth in it again. 2) Where was I going to rent from? I couldn’t do this from midwives… I no longer had any. 3) I had it on good authority that the kiddie fish inflatable pool was just as good as (if not, better than) the ultra expensive birth pools. Those cost just as much to rent as to buy the kids pool. If you want to buy them outright, that’ll be hundreds.

(Granted, my experience had some ups and downs that I don’t care to repeat, so I may fork over the hundreds next time, after all.)

* you are intent on using hypno-birthing over an epidural Hypnobirthing sounds okay, but it also sounds like just another indoctrination into a particular method of birthing or coping, which doesn’t appeal to me exactly (like Lamaze, Bradley, etc.).

If hypnobirthing works for you, that’s cool. I almost tried this. Before my midwife asked me to leave her care, she was going to give me some CDs or downloadable files, because she thought it would help me get through labor more easily. Of course, I never got this info after we “broke up”, so I guess I’ll never know. It’s not something I’m seeking on my own, but am not opposed to learning more about it.

I’ve had an epidural before and can tell you that it is both great and sad. Still, I do advocate not getting the epidural if you can help it.

I advocate birthing naturally, and to me, hypno and epi both seem to be a little more involved than I find necessary. I’m an advocate for birth as simple.

*you have a doula or had a homebirthing midwife

Never had a doula. Had a few homebirth midwives. That experience was one of my traumatic births (my “wake up call”), and then we broke up before I did my third birth, the unassisted one.

* you secretely wish Ina May could be with you at your child’s birth

I don’t want anyone to be with me at my child’s birth! I don’t care how cool they are, I don’t need anyone.

* you know how to tie a moby

Nope. No idea. I think this is babywearing, right? I think it’s kind of cool as a naturally assumed method, for sure. I’m not too big on it as a craze, or a lifestyle gimmick. I’ve always wanted to carry my babies around in something like a papoose, but I never learned how. I would be open to this, though. It probably wouldn’t be part of a club, clique, or contain a name brand, I’m guessing.

* you regularly wake up with a kick to the stomach or a baby ‘self-serving’ from your left boob

This one is fairly true! And I dig it. It’s kind of cool. And, it usually is the left breast. Weird.

* your doctor speaks to you slowly (like you must be from a foreign planet) when you decline their vaccination schedule

My doctor did try to dissuade me from declining vaxes. He’d been with us before our change of heart, so he’d been the one administering some of the first vaccinations. We didn’t have a lengthy talk, but I said what I had to say and he said what he did, and then he didn’t push it. And hasn’t since. Now all three of our kids see him, as we have when we started over 7 years ago. Pretty cool, huh? Having a doctor who will respect your choices and not hold a grudge about it is a nice find!

* you have been carrying around a potty since your child was a newborn

I think portable kid potties are kind of gross. (Sorry!) I take my kids to the toilet. And yes, even my infant, who has peed there a couple of times successfully.

* your baby’s first food is a big ol’ chunk of veg (not a puree) mashed potatoes.

Each baby! Will try on #3 in a month or so.

* you have a pail full of stinky (cloth or compostable) diapers in your house

The only thing that smells is the diaper genie housing the disposable diapers. Ew.

I have a couple of small wetbags for the cloth that I’m using on our newborn (I’m a cloth diaper newbie… third time’s a charm!) and they never smell. I did, however, buy a trash bin to use as a diaper pail. Now I just need some diaper pail liners.

Does anybody have a favorite? Something cool, stylish, easy to use, no-smell, etc.? Let me know what you like best and why. Here are some I was seeing on the internet. If you have an opinion on them, tell me what you think.


* you do a dance for joy when your kid does their first sign

I always wanted to teach my kids signs, but never got around to it (just like a number of foreign languages I hoped they’d learn). I have signed and sung the manual alphabet since they were babies, but not in a way that was often enough, or ever caught on. We communicated in ways which were specific to us. I understood their “language” when others didn’t. I understood their looks, their nonverbal cues, gestures, and ways of expressing things. My daughter was a late speaker and yet we had no problem talking with her for the first few years of her life. We do have a sign language book that she has been reading now that she is older, however.

Anyway, what we have done was our thing and it has worked for us.

* your child’s toys are Waldorf approved

I don’t know nor care about Waldorf. Is that wrong? I’m sure it has its value as does most any thing or method, but it always comes across as gimmicky to me, and again, I’m not looking for indoctrination.

Plus, I like things that light up.

* your back aches from carrying your one year old round in a sling

My back aches anyway. The only slings I ever owned were store bought and had a cut-off at 20 lbs.

* you are always being told how cute your kid looks in that amber necklace

I only recently found out about the amber teething necklaces. At first I thought it seemed weird, gimmicky, or maybe a slight bit nutty. But, like many things that strike me nutty at first (unassisted childbirth, anyone? eating the placenta, anyone?), just that spark of interest and inquisitiveness gives way to learning and inspiration. I would really love to try am amber teething necklace on Sage.

And, it will look cute on him. He’s already my little Buddha, so he’ll be extra hippie-ish in his necklace. But, I wouldn’t be doing it just because it is cute, and not all babies look cute in it. (Sorry.)

*you are breastfeeding a child who can speak in whole sentences

Extended breast feeding is just really not for me. My 2 year old is just starting to speak simple, complete sentences, and I stopped breastfeeding him about a year ago.

If it works for you, I won’t judge you, but it’s one thing I’ve never really been that into, personally.

* you teach your kid that gluten dirt is yucky

And, they still get to play in dirt. They don’t have any allergies or conditions, so, we’re good.

* you find yourself singing along to the ‘hello song‘… even though there is nobody else in the car

I have no idea what the hello song is, but I have laughed at myself for realizing I was, alone, singing children’s songs to myself.

Even better, my kids and I listen and sing to music their parents like, because it’s cool.

* you think Mayim Bialik rocks  is okay and that tiger-mom is a bit doolaley   demented

WTF is a doolaley?

* you think exposing your kid to germs is good for him  but pesticides are hazmat

I’m not a germophobe or germophile. I like to keep my kids away from sick people and nasty stuff, but I don’t carry around sanitizer with me. I use natural methods of cleaning as well as toxic ones. I get organic stuff when I am able. I’m not overly committed to or against either one, but I see the points of each. I think there’s a balance we have.

* you eat your placenta

Not the whole thing, and never thought I would… but I did!

How many of these can you tick? Frankly, two or more and you are a hippy-mamma! I know, I know, you don’t think of yourself as a hippy…  I do. the question is ‘do other people?’ For the record, I am not the hippiest hippy in the valley, I tick 14 out of 20 of those. Now, fess up and leave a message if any of these sound like you :p Feel free to add your own on, too! via You know you are a hippy-mama (or papa) when… « Loving Earth Mama.

So, obviously hippies come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and like most of this stuff, it’s interesting and usually harmless to compare and contrast. I just wanted to color in my shade of hippie for you, since some of it was too mainstream for me, while other stuff was too unusual for me.

All in all, I think you are a hippie mother or father if you do things because you feel you are in tune with nature and the needs of your children, and are trying your best to fulfill them without sticking to the rigid standards and expectations of others in society (and that includes other so-called “hippies”).  🙂

[I did like the blog post from Loving Earth Mama, and felt that it was done from a peaceful place. My two cents here are just to sort of spin-off of that and are in no way coming from a mean-spirited place.]



12 responses

18 07 2011

I relate to unassisted birth. I had my last 2 at home in bought birthing pools. I bought one for 200 then the next was about 250. It was worth every cent in my view.
Babywearing is awesome, I don’t do it for coolness factor but because its easier and lovely to have bub close and when you discover a supportive carrier its so comfy. I did get into the fad of it a bit (its actually very unusual to use them where I live so its not about status or brand) and bought a few but haven’t had to buy anything with next baby. I love not using a pram . Babywearing works well for us. I love woven wraps but I am not very good at wrapping so I tend to use a ring sling, mei tai or Ergo.
I use a laundry bag (from an industrial laundry) in our nappy bucket so I didn’t pay for it. Anything waterproof that you can chuck in the wash when needed works.
I know I am a hippy too, not that I like labels but I can identify with the idea of doing things differently, questioning the status quo and above all going with Mama instinct. If hippy is slang for hip or hipster I will take it.

18 07 2011
♥♂►The Perfect Birth◄♀♥

Thanks for reading and taking time to respond, Free!

I appreciate your input about the pools. I do believe that I will probably feel the same way you did. I better consider investing in one. 🙂

Maybe I should look into the kinds of wraps you use (ring, mei tai, Ergo). Do you think any one over the other is better for a newbie like me?

I like the way you think. 🙂 Strange question, but, do we possibly know each other from anywhere? You seem kind of familiar.


19 07 2011

I liked the fishy pool and didn’t have any problems with it. 🙂 I saw that you are new to cloth diapering so I thought I would share a message that I recently sent to a friend who is also a cloth newbie:

Econappis are the cloth diapers we use. We started with Fuzzibunz, but I didn’t like that they are synthetic fibers, which is why we switched. I also think that the synthetics tend to want to hang on to odor more so than the natural fibers. Econappis are organic cotton and the inserts are organic cotton and bamboo. This is their web site:

but you can get them here for less here:

And I did call Swaddlebees and verify that is a licensed distributor, so they are the real deal. I have 11 diapers, which lasted me about one day when he was a newborn and then a couple of days or so once he got a little older. It is fun (they’re really cute!) and maybe convenient to have more, but at the same time, you don’t want your diapers sitting for days at a time either, so about 11-14 is a sufficient amount.

Instead of wipes (more chemicals and more trash) we use organic cotton baby washcloths. We just get them wet and then throw them in the wet bag right along with the diapers. We got ours at Babies ‘R’ Us.

You have to use specific detergents on cloth diapers because typical ones can affect the absorbency. Instead of detergent (again, more chemicals) we use soap nuts. Totally organic, non-toxic and also less expensive. Safe to use on the cloth diapers. We use these for all of our laundry. Green Virgin Products

I got my wet bags here:
Monkey Foot Designs, LLC I have one large for home and 3 medium for when we are out and about and when the large is in the wash (2 medium would be plenty). I throw the bag in with the diapers every time, and I never wash anything else with the diapers (no other laundry in that load).

I would recommend a zip up wet bag over a pail with a liner (we started with the pail and liner too and the wet bag is just easier – and CUTER! – all around). Hope this helps. 🙂

19 07 2011
♥♂►The Perfect Birth◄♀♥

Thanks for the info and recommendations. I actually have everything I need for cloth diapering, with the exception of the pail liners. I also use cloth wipes, as you mentioned.

Like I said in my post, I have been using wetbags. One of the ones you even recommended– Monkey Foot Designs– I have and use. My problem is that at home they fill up too quickly and I am doing laundry nonstop. A liner would allow me a little more time to breathe in between washings. Other than that, I’ve loved the wetbag(s). I just find them more convenient for on the go, rather than at home.

Take care, and thanks for reading,

25 07 2011
Wendy B

I have a big issue with people assigning labels to themselves. It inhibits them sometimes and is quite a small box to squeeze yourself into.

[She pleads the Fifth!] I ate my husband’s toenail once and I’ve regretted it ever since…

25 07 2011
Wendy B

Also, my sister fits the bill in the majority of the (originally written) descriptions here and you just TRY calling her a hippie mama.

25 07 2011
♥♂►The Perfect Birth◄♀♥

Wendy, [plead the 5th]

Why doesn’t your sister want to be called hippie?

I agree with you on labels, but I feel okay about it in the sense that I’m not bound to it. For instance, I’m a lot more of a yeller than some people think hippies are. I guess I have more violent tendencies, too.

See, watch me break out of that mold! LOL. Um, probably bad examples…

28 07 2011
Wendy B

Well, if it makes you feel better, [edited– she pleads the Fifth].

My sister is off-put by labels, like moi. She’s not of the hippie state of mind, I guess, but she does these things.

28 07 2011
♥♂►The Perfect Birth◄♀♥

Wendy, [Fif!] If you want me to, I can find you the link and refer you. 🙂

If she does these things, she’s got quite a bit of hippie-ness in her. Embrace it!

31 07 2011

Just a comment on the stinky diaper laundry…

I just have a laundry basket in next to the washing machine that’s specifically used for diapers, and after each change, I toss the soiled diaper in it, and then after my little guy goes to sleep at night, I dump the entire basket of them into the washer, do a cold rinse followed by a hot wash, and then hang or tumble dry right after. We start the next day with fresh diapers.

I’ve never had a problem with them stinking. In the summer time, sometimes I’ll hose them off outside before tossing them in the laundry basket if they’re particularly foul smelling.

2 10 2019

Well, this may be the slowest reply on a post ever but… Thanks for writing a spin-off from my original post. Hoorah!!

Loved reading your re-writes. 🙂

I feel the need to explain, suddenly (all these years later) that my whole post was written with tongue in cheek. The list was NOT a representation of my life or my preferences. It was just stuff I was seeing out there. I did not score a perfect 10 on my own checklist. :p In both directions! For example: I too had a homebirth midwife rather than a doula; on the other hand I never got on with cloth diapers. We used compostable disposable ones – with a service who’d collect and compost them for us. Ahh, walking down memory lane, now, as my kids are now 9 and 5!!

So, yeah, it was just a bit of fun, really, and certainly not a comprehensive or even all that inclusive list of what hippies out there were up to back then – and things have changed so much even in the last decade, ei?

Anyway, fun to stumble across this – somebody pointed it out to me. Cute. Thanks!!

2 10 2019

D’oh… apparently I did not only read but respond to this 8 years ago. Can anyone say ‘mommy brain’?

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