Empowered Birth Awareness Week, Plus Some Giveaways

22 08 2011


(I can’t believe I just called it “fluff”. That’s “cloth diapers”, to the layperson.)

Check out the giveaway, here. It helps to have Twitter.











Relevant Links:

  • GoGreen on Facebook (because they told me about the giveaway, and I love their Champ diaper)
  • ClothDiaperGeek.com (this is where you RSVP to win).
  • Cloth Diaper Geek on Twitter (where the giveaway party happens)
  • Follow me on Twitter at ReclaimBirth… just because.


***Natural HEALTHY Living***







She’s also good at schooling you on vitamins. She basically just told me and another poster that our prenatal vitamins were a joke. LAWL. Then she recommended something much better which were also suitable (and less questionably so) for vegetarians. They were a lot more expensive, but, I was impressed.



Relevant Links:



This Next Notice is for Empowered Birth Awareness Week.

Please “attend”. We are talking back our births, normalizing birth, empowering women through encouragement and education, smashing myths, etc. ISOTPB (that’s me) will be doing stuff for this leading up to and including that week, so stay tuned and please spread the word. Women need to stop suffering and start recognizing their power. The time is now.

Relevant links:

  • Empowered Birth Awareness Week event on Facebook, happening everywhere, worldwide. Click “Attending”. Tell them we sent you, for good karma. Tell your friends to attend.

Okay, that’s it for now– just those updates.



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