Song Saturday: War on Independence

3 09 2011

Don’t think for yourself!” seems the cry. “You can’t possibly learn enough about giving birth to take charge of it,” seems to precede the unspoken other half: “ why bother.


Well this coming week is Empowered Birth Awareness Week, and so I’m here to tell you– smash those myths! Take your birth back! Why? Because it matters, and you are capable, no matter how much that notion offends others. We are not willing to put ourselves or our babies at risk just to give in to the false sense of security provided by the status quo, because this is too important a topic to pass over into the hands of other individuals to just take their words for it.






I’m tired of people playing the blame game, as if allowing women the liberation to give birth without fear were some offensive notion.




If for honesty
You want apologies
I don’t sympathize
If for “kindness”
You substitute “blindness
Please open your eyes

Women deserve better. We want to be empowered, but we have a lot of critics out there, and some of the worst are some of our own. Keep encouraging, keep informing, for yourself, and for all our babies.


Join the event on Facebook. Click “yes” to the RSVP. Tell them where you heard about it. More importantly, tell other people to join.



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