Seven Everyday Slings Review & Giveaway

26 01 2012

Win a Seven Everyday Sling, Sling Size 4 (M-L, ~D cup), in design Caramel Latte, worth $48 full price– enter the easy Rafflecopter Giveaway here!

I received this sling in this design and tried it on once, with my baby Sage, who was (at that time) 9 months old.

It is from Seven Everyday Slings.

Seen here in Caramel Latte, currently being sold for $39 plus shipping. How cute is this! And who wouldn't want to be THIS mom, right?

“Cut from a different cloth”, our bold and unique fabrics are perfect for moms that don’t want typical gear.

97% Cotton 3% Lycra – making it comfortable to wear for both you and your baby- not losing shape over time.

Infants to toddlers (35 lbs or less). Machine washable.

Making moms around the world even hotter with every purchase so… get some! 

I received size 4, which is designed for women who wear sizes M-L in shirts and in general. It supposedly fits women from 5’2″ to 6’1″, who are between 151 to 191 pounds. I am in the middle of both of those. It says it’s best for cup size D or E. Now, I claim to be a C, so I thought maybe this would afford me more room. Truthfully, these days I must admit that maybe I really am borderline D. Maybe it’s from breastfeeding, or leftover pregnancy weight.

See more about their sizing here.

Anyway, I followed the instructions and found it was a very snug fit. Uncomfortably so. My clothing and Sage’s clothing were snagging on it, so I was trying to pull my shirt down and pull his pant legs down so we wouldn’t be exposed or chilly. However, when I tug on Sage’s pant legs, his legs want to come out of the seat/pouch the sling created (in the hold for older, sitting babies). So, it undoes all the tricky work from folding it the right way (PITA), squeezing me and my 20 pound baby into it, and finding the right position. Ugh!

Then, I couldn’t wear it for longer than 20 minutes. The pressure on my shoulder and back was tremendous! I found myself always trying to shift the weight, and Sage looked like he wanted to fall off me sideways (even though he was stuck pretty good).  I wore this so I could keep him close to me where he wants to be while doing practical things. I chose laundry. It killed. I was aching to take it off and new I would not wear it again.

Full disclosure: I am a novice baby wearer. I have worn precious few slings and don’t have experience with variety or extended wear. I have a bad back.

The verdict:  I would only recommend this for smaller babies under 15 pounds, especially if they can be carried in the cradle hold as seen here, for simplicity’s sake. This makes it equal with a lot of the other newborn-only sleeper carriers you can get at Babies R Us… the only other sort I have experience with. If you’re a mom of a newborn or lightweight baby, your back will probably take this alright. I also think this would be ideal for people on the smaller end of this spectrum. If you are under 5’5″, a C cup, and weigh less than 165, this might be the sling for you. Me? I’m probably better off suited for a Moby or Ergo, from what I’ve heard. A fan on my page informed me that her opinion was, these particular slings made by Seven are cheaply made. I don’t know enough about slings to concur, I just know that my experience was not smooth. It is essentially just a piece of fabric, however.

Want this sling? Maybe you’ll have better luck than me. It is new. It was tried on once. Use it for yourself or give it away to a friend. Make sure to refer to the site for wear instructions.

Win a Seven Everyday Sling, Sling Size 4 (M-L, D cup), in design Caramel Latte, worth $48 full price– enter the easy Rafflecopter Giveaway here!

~ Contest runs January 26th – February 7th. ~



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