Favorite Gifts to Give For Baby Showers

26 04 2012

Our readers were talking about it over at our Facebook page and the responses were awesome. Need some inspiration? Here were our favorite gifts to give at a baby shower.

1. Homemade Gifts

Imagine if you used these instructions (click image) to make personalized baby charms... ?

2. Baby Shoes from Pink Moon

Crochet Down In The Garden Baby Boots

3. Hyland’s Teething Tablets

Hyland’s provides a natural treatment for teething pain that mothers have trusted for more than 85 years.

















4.  A gift certificate to a spa for Mama










5. Cloth Diapers

"Cloth diapers even if you use sposies cloth is good for an emergency" ~Bekah





6. Lactation Cookies

"I make a lactation cookie in a jar (dry ingredients layered nicely in a jar with directions.)." ~Ruthie


7. A simple homemade ring sling (with printed instructions)

Sakura Bloom made this one-- make your own for the homemade effect.

Have any of you given these as baby shower gifts? How did they go over?
If you received one, what did you think?

When it comes to baby showers, I’ve never given nor received these items– but these sound amazing and like lots of fun.  Try something from this list!



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