A Letter to the President

13 05 2016

I voted for you twice, Mr. President, and never once did I think you would use that to reverse women’s rights. Sex segregation is not discrimination, it is protection.

“Gender identity” is loosely defined if at all, hardly understood, not scientifically sound, and only refers to sex stereotype roles.

Biological sex, the societal understanding and recognition of who does and does not reproduce, IS the basis for our private space and special protections. It IS the basis for our historical oppression. Women– biological women– are still a marginalized group.

Why is Purvi Patel rotting away in a jail cell for a miscarriage, but it’s really important males who think they are women get to pee and change next to girls?

If these are our priorities, we have failed women. Male feelings are not more important than female bodily reality.

You have opened the floodgates and now those who wish to loosely identify under the banner “trans”, even if only for a moment, have carte blanche to invade women’s most private and protected spaces. Why even keep sex segregation, then? Why not make all prisons, shelters, bathrooms, and locker rooms unisex? Because I’ll be honest with you, Mr. President… I really don’t care if the person next to me is pretty or feminine, and I’m not put further at ease when my pants are down if the person next to me is wearing lipstick.

Reconsider firmer distinctions and definitions and research on just what “gender identity” and “transgender” and “woman” IS before you wipe out the rights of half of your population who are still struggling for their rights. Please. This is premature and biased towards male-bodied people in a society that already strongly favors men and sweeps women’s concerns, abuses, and bodily autonomy completely under the rug. Thank you.

Not my most eloquent piece, but I think I got the point across.

Gender identity is really a topic for the privileged. Leave it to entitled and mostly well off Westerners to get all caught up in the idea that it’s somehow all-important to your civil rights to pee next to people dressed like you. Meanwhile, in India, actual females “just need to pee” but instead starve themselves because it’s too dangerous for them to use the
bathroom. Identifying as a man won’t help, either. (Because men know what “female” is.)



Screenshot 2016-05-13 at 10.59.26 AM

Lila Perry, “girl”.

And in terms of our schools, the thought that we didn’t have more important things to do, more important things to prioritize…  We have schools with rats, mold, teachers struggling to take care of their classrooms, lack of funding and basic supplies… and our government decides taking a stand on little white horny video game nerds having access to girls toilets is top priority? What a bunch of privileged, decadent fucks we’ve become. This is deplorable.






Why aren’t more people asking if transgenderism is nature or nurture? Don’t people even want to understand it before they start mandating things about gender identity into law? How much is biological and how much is based on one’s upbringing and experiences? It kind of matters. If gender dysphoria is a mental disorder, to what extent should society cater to it rather than treat it? It transgenderism stems from a psychological condition, why are females ordered to surrender important space to play along with what may be delusions only? What if there are people who know they are not the opposite sex but choose to live as another gender to fulfill a sexual fantasy?

Autogynephilia is a common experience of heterosexual men in which they are sexually aroused by seeing themselves as women. It can start as private cross-dressing and bedroom fetish, and can later transition to adopting a full-time transgender identification. Although it occurs in homosexual men too, I want to emphasize how common it is with men who are attracted to females.

^ Click the link, or here’s a still. [Oooh… it’s so exciting and naughty to be dressed in public like a woman! So transgressive, so pushing the envelope!!! To a conservative society, that is… If being a woman wasn’t so naughty, would as many men feel compelled to fill the role? Three times more transgender people are male-to-female than female-to-male. Think about that. And many female-to-male people are former lesbians, tomboys, and sexual abuse survivors in a society that is very unkind to them and teaches them that being female requires their submission.]

Screenshot 2016-05-13 at 12.37.30 PM

“I was sipping a cocktail in Manhattan and noticed a man walk in, dressed in a skirt, heels, make-up and a wig. Not too strange for New York, then all of a sudden the guy had a boner. Eeeeeeek!!!”

My theory: this is most likely due to the fact that the oversexualization of women in society (women as glamorous sex objects, submissive to some extent, and pornsick standards of beauty) makes literally possessing womanhood the most intimate way of “getting inside” a woman, or purely embodying sex, as it were. Woman as an object is The Object, is sex itself. (There are other forms of pornography that are unusually and even comically invasive which would seem to support this theory of hyper-intimacy; pornography in and of itself is arguably already intrusive as it gives one an “in” to something they would not be privy to under normal circumstances and from unnatural angles/POV.) Autogynephilia also gives the subject complete control over dictating one embodiment of femininity to create the highest level of personal arousal, where this availability may have been previously absent in interactions with the opposite sex.

Porn culture escalates aggressive sexual domination of women in many facets. This is only one. Male obsessive control over feminine identity and sexuality is the common thread.






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13 05 2016
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13 05 2016
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13 05 2016

This is really good! Thank you!

13 05 2016
Connie Tolleson

I copied your letter and posted it 4 or 5 times on the White House wall. But I didn’t include a citation – sorry. I am not sure how to do that as I am 70.

14 05 2016
♥♂►Elizabeth, ISOTP Birth◄♀♥

Thank you, Connie. 🙂

16 05 2016

Awesome letter! Just to share one thing –

“Although it occurs in homosexual men too, I want to emphasize how common it is with men who are attracted to females.”

From my reading on AGP, researchers seem to think that while some AGPs either appear or claim to be homosexual, they aren’t genuinely homosexual, but rather are engaging in “interpersonal autogynephilic fantasy”. So being with a man (because what are women besides things to be fucked by men right?) is just another way to feel like they’re being perceived as a woman and act out the fetish.

The research is really interesting – there are even studies where they measured blood flow to the penis to gauge AGP in MTFs because they tend to lie about it enough to skew the results. The conclusion was that *all* non-homosexual MTFs are AGPs, even if they lie about it and claim not to be. And also that *no* [admitted] AGPs who claim to be gay, actually are. They are straight/bi/asexual men who are lying and engaging in IAF.

I think we’re so locked into “not all men” (even those of us who decry it as a derailing tactic) that we find it uncomfortable to make a blanket statement like this. But until/unless the established research is disproven, I think we should push ourselves to push what is admittedly an unpopular position which also goes against our female socialization that tells us not to be too assertive or sure of ourselves.

(As an aside, some genuinely homosexual MTFs do use such objectifying, misogynistic language that they sometimes come off the same as AGPs, but they aren’t actually – it is a bit of a mess to tease out sometimes)

Just wanted to share a few cents (shouldn’t inflation have increased it beyond two by now? :). I LOVED your whole article. It was a cool refreshing glass of common sense. Especially love the *real* intersectional analysis — ie talking about the women in India fighting for basic sex segregation rights and women like Patel back home here in the states. I wish the liberal feminists who love invoking the intersectional buzzword all the time would take a look around outside their middle class college educated world and pay attention to the women who need women’s liberation and female solidarity the most. Happy to have found your blog. Thanks again for the great piece. 🙂

16 05 2016
♥♂►Elizabeth, ISOTP Birth◄♀♥

Great points, Brigid, and thanks SO much for your input. 🙂

16 05 2016
WLRN Staff

Reblogged this on Women’s Liberation Radio News and commented:
Elizabeth McKeown’s response to President Obama’s declarations about transgender bathroom access in our schools.

17 05 2016

Fantastic. Thank you. Gloria Steinem was quoted recently at her talk in Melbourne, saying that the only thing wrong with feminism was that we weren’t angry enough. We need to get very angry.

17 05 2016
♥♂►Elizabeth, ISOTP Birth◄♀♥

And yet, I don’t think Steinem is angry with us on this one.

5 07 2016
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2 10 2016
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