A Peaceful Birth For Christmas

29 11 2012

Would you like to give the gift of comfortable birth freedom this holiday season? Now you can. Of all charitable donations you could possibly make, this one might be the most personal and hit closest to home.

Give Birth Freedom for Christmas, Click here

Maria is expecting right around Christmas Day, and just like the Virgin Mary, she is looking for a room for the night. Also like the Virgin Mary, Maria gives birth unassisted. She is not a first time mother and is experienced. She just needs our help to make it happen.

Maria will be staying at a hotel (in the USA). We will not be disclosing specifics to protect Maria and to protect her birth from interference. Her hotel will have a fridge and will cost over $100 a night. She will need at least one night, but if we raise any extra $, it will go towards Maria having more time at the hotel for rest or in case of longer labor. Maria’s hotel will be 2 minutes from the nearest hospital in case of need. She has a local back up OB with privileges at all the local hospitals.

Why the Need?
She does not live alone. Maria had to move into her current home after Hurricane Sandy. Maria’s living environment includes individuals who are non-supportive of the homebirth she seeks, and any attempts to do so would result in interference.

What We Need (Needed: Donations & Volunteers)
One Hotel Room for at least one day (monetary donations; plus tax; we also factor in the fees they charge for us to accept funds in this fundraiser)
Bonus: Extra days in the hotel (monetary donations)
Bonus: food dehydrator (donations of product or $– please contact us if you‘d like to gift the item; these cost around $130; plus shipping costs)
One Treasurer: an additional person with access to the fund who volunteers to make themselves available to myself and Maria when she needs us for the birth. Must be on-call, and must either provide Maria & I her phone # for text or call at any time of day or night, promising to be try to always be reachable. Alternatively, must be reachable by Facebook and constantly accessible by us (preferably via phone app, with immediate and reliable notification abilities). Please e-mail info@theperfectbirth.com to inquire about helping.

Maria’s baby at 15 weeks

How the Money Will Be Used
Once we have enough for the room, it will sit in the fund until needed. Any additional after that will go towards a food dehydrator, which Maria will use for treating the placenta. The money allotted for this will be used to immediately purchase and ship one to her so she will have it on hand when needed. Any additional after that will go towards extra nights in the hotel.

Myself and one other Treasurer (needed, see above) will be contacted by Maria when she is starting labor and ready to check in. Either of us will then immediately book the room for her.

She’s already at 36 weeks, so please make your donations today in case the baby comes early!

Click Here to donate to birth freedom for Christmas, now. Thank you and have a wonderful, warm, comfortable, loved-filled season.

The fine print:  Maria has stated and it is on record that she is solely responsible for this birth. She has in writing removed all liability or responsibility from myself and anyone else donating or participating in this fundraiser.

Back to School Sale, Whole Month September

12 09 2012

Back to School Sale    The Entire Month of September

  • All Baby Blankets, Buy One Get One Free
  • All US Shipping Free
  • Each book purchase comes with Free Emergency Childbirth printout copy
  • All orders over $50 come with Free surprise gift

The Perfect Birth        www.theperfectbirth.com

Winners: 1 Year Anniversary Giveaway

5 06 2012

As luck would have it, the winners of this Giveaway ALL won from the entries in which they tweeted about the giveaway. I’ve never seen this before! Tweeting was a great reason to win, since it alerted people to the giveaway and exposed more people to all the wonderful pages involved. And, a couple of you won MORE than once.

Thanks to everyone for all your entries and support. Thanks to Pink Moon, Inside Vaccines, and Unassisted Childbirth/Freebirth for sponsoring. Special shout-out to Lactastic Mommy for sharing our giveaway just because she’s a nice friend and fan who wanted her readers to have a chance at winning that beanie. 😉 Now, on to the winners.

The Grand Prize Winner is… Tamika Renee!

Tamika won by tweeting about our giveaway on June 3rd. Tamika’s prize:

A signed copy of In Search of the Perfect Birth– one of the last First Edition copies remaining in print. [Second Edition is now available for sale with most major booksellers.]

1 Cloth Diaper of her choice from The Perfect Birth, including one microfiber insert. We are also giving her a bonus bamboo insert.

1 Boobie Beanie in winner’s choice of size and color, by Pink Moon


1 pair of crocheted baby shoes by Pink Moon, winner’s choice of size and colors.


Tamika, please contact info@theperfectbirth.com to tell us where to send your book and how you would like it signed. Also, let us know which cloth diaper you select from the choices above (see also: our store).

Contact Pink Moon to let her know where she can send your items. Be sure to tell her your shoe color preferences and size– choose from: Newborn size fits foot up to 3″;  0-3 Months fits foot up to 3 1/4″;  3-6 Months fits foot up to 4″; 6-12 Months fits foot up to 5″.  For the beanie, please tell her your color and size preference from the following: 1. Cream/Pink; 2. Tan/Pink; 3. Tan/Med Brown; 4. Mocha/ Med Brown; 5. Mocha/Dk. Brown; 6. Chocolate/ Dk Brown. Sizes: Newborn size: 12-13″; 3-6 months: 15-17″; 6-12 months: 17-19″; child: 18-20″; tween: 19-21″.


Second Prize Goes to… Tamika Renee!

Yes, you won again! Tamika won this by tweeting about our giveaway on May 30th.  Tamika, you won an additional copy of the book. Why not give one to a friend? When contacting Elizabeth (see above), let her know how you’d like this signed. She will be more than happy to only sign her name if requested.

Third Prize Goes to… Haley Skelley!

Haley won by tweeting about our giveaway on June 1st. Haley also  won a recent giveaway at Pink Moon… looks like she is on a roll with us! Haley won a randomly selected cloth diaper from The Perfect Birth, plus a microfiber insert to go with our new pocket diapers.

She’ll be receiving: Economics (black).

Haley, please e-mail info@theperfectbirth.com to let Elizabeth know where she can send your new diaper!

Fourth Prize Goes to… Jessica Miller!

Jessica won by tweeting about the giveaway on May 30th. Her prize:

Crocheted baby boots from Pink Moon, winner’s choice of colors and sizes!

Jessica, please contact Pink Moon to discuss your choice in colors and sizes. Here are the size options: Newborn size fits foot up to 3″; 0-3 Months fits foot up to 3 1/4″; 3-6 Months fits foot up to 4″; 6-12 Months fits foot up to 5″. Please tell her where she can mail your prize.

Fifth Prize Goes to… Jessica Miller!

That’s right, you were our other double winner! Jessica won by tweeting about the giveaway on June 1st. It really paid to keep doing those daily tweets! She wins the Boobie Beanie, pictured above (see Grand Prize pictures)! Her choice of size and colors.

Jessica, when you contact Pink Moon about your shoes, be sure to give her your details in choice for the beanie as well.

That’s it! Thanks everyone for taking part! And congratulations to Tamika, Haley, and Jessica for winning such cool prizes! If you feel like it, please let us know how you like your prizes once you receive them. I know Pink Moon and I would love to hear your reviews. And naturally, if you like us, don’t be shy about telling your friends. 😉

Happy One Year! Giveaway

30 05 2012

It has been one year since In Search of the Perfect Birth was published and our website and Facebook pages begun. It was a proud moment in my life and it’s been satisfying to know that my story resonated with so many of you.  I learned a lot from my own life and if anyone else is learning from my stories, I can be exponentially assured that this was not in vain. It is my privilege to have ever helped anyone because it gives my life added meaning. Thank you!!!

The Second Edition was just released earlier this month, and it’s better than before. Still the same book in content, it is more polished and hopefully an easier book to enjoy than before.

We are celebrating with a giveaway.

The following pages we are proud to announce as our honorary sponsors:

Unassisted Birth/Freebirth
Inside Vaccines

Our active contributing sponsor, we are happy to announce, is:

Pink Moon

Follow our simple Rafflecopter form here at our Facebook page for super easy entries/chances to win.


1. The Grand Prize:

One signed copy, one of the last remaining, of the First Edition of my book, In Search of the Perfect Birth.

One Cloth Diaper (plus microfiber insert) from The Perfect Birth. Your choice of colors from the new Scholar line!

One (additional) Bamboo Insert from The Perfect Birth

   One pair of crocheted baby shoes by Pink Moon. Have a variety of colors to choose from (winner’s choice) and sizes are as follows:

Newborn size fits foot up to 3″
0-3 Months fits foot up to 3 1/4″
3-6 Months fits foot up to 4″
6-12 Months fits foot up to 5″

One “Boobie Beanie” in your choice of size and color by Pink Moon!

1. Cream/Pink
2. Tan/Pink
3. Tan/Med Brown
4. Mocha/ Med Brown
5. Mocha/Dk. Brown
6. Chocolate/ Dk Brown
Newborn size: 12-13″
3-6 months: 15-17″
6-12 months: 17-19″
child: 18-20″
tween: 19-21″

This grand prize above is SIX great gifts.
The following gifts are single gifts to other lucky potential winners.

2. One of the last remaining First Edition copies of the book, signed.

Have a variety of colors to choose from (winner’s choice) and sizes are as follows
Newborn size fits foot up to 3″
0-3 Months fits foot up to 3 1/4″
3-6 Months fits foot up to 4″
6-12 Months fits foot up to 5″

3. 1 Cloth Diaper from The Perfect Birth. Color chosen for winner randomly; comes with a microfiber insert.

4. These crocheted baby boots from Pink Moon

5. A “Boobie Beanie” from Pink Moon, winner’s choice of color and size (see above).

So enter the Rafflecopter form NOW for a chance to win the Grand Prize of five prizes, or one of the other 4 single prizes! Many thanks for all who’ve supported me over the year. I promise that there is only more to come. Happy Birthday to Us!

Seven Everyday Slings Review & Giveaway

26 01 2012

Win a Seven Everyday Sling, Sling Size 4 (M-L, ~D cup), in design Caramel Latte, worth $48 full price– enter the easy Rafflecopter Giveaway here!

I received this sling in this design and tried it on once, with my baby Sage, who was (at that time) 9 months old.

It is from Seven Everyday Slings.

Seen here in Caramel Latte, currently being sold for $39 plus shipping. How cute is this! And who wouldn't want to be THIS mom, right?

“Cut from a different cloth”, our bold and unique fabrics are perfect for moms that don’t want typical gear.

97% Cotton 3% Lycra – making it comfortable to wear for both you and your baby- not losing shape over time.

Infants to toddlers (35 lbs or less). Machine washable.

Making moms around the world even hotter with every purchase so… get some! 

I received size 4, which is designed for women who wear sizes M-L in shirts and in general. It supposedly fits women from 5’2″ to 6’1″, who are between 151 to 191 pounds. I am in the middle of both of those. It says it’s best for cup size D or E. Now, I claim to be a C, so I thought maybe this would afford me more room. Truthfully, these days I must admit that maybe I really am borderline D. Maybe it’s from breastfeeding, or leftover pregnancy weight.

See more about their sizing here.

Anyway, I followed the instructions and found it was a very snug fit. Uncomfortably so. My clothing and Sage’s clothing were snagging on it, so I was trying to pull my shirt down and pull his pant legs down so we wouldn’t be exposed or chilly. However, when I tug on Sage’s pant legs, his legs want to come out of the seat/pouch the sling created (in the hold for older, sitting babies). So, it undoes all the tricky work from folding it the right way (PITA), squeezing me and my 20 pound baby into it, and finding the right position. Ugh!

Then, I couldn’t wear it for longer than 20 minutes. The pressure on my shoulder and back was tremendous! I found myself always trying to shift the weight, and Sage looked like he wanted to fall off me sideways (even though he was stuck pretty good).  I wore this so I could keep him close to me where he wants to be while doing practical things. I chose laundry. It killed. I was aching to take it off and new I would not wear it again.

Full disclosure: I am a novice baby wearer. I have worn precious few slings and don’t have experience with variety or extended wear. I have a bad back.

The verdict:  I would only recommend this for smaller babies under 15 pounds, especially if they can be carried in the cradle hold as seen here, for simplicity’s sake. This makes it equal with a lot of the other newborn-only sleeper carriers you can get at Babies R Us… the only other sort I have experience with. If you’re a mom of a newborn or lightweight baby, your back will probably take this alright. I also think this would be ideal for people on the smaller end of this spectrum. If you are under 5’5″, a C cup, and weigh less than 165, this might be the sling for you. Me? I’m probably better off suited for a Moby or Ergo, from what I’ve heard. A fan on my page informed me that her opinion was, these particular slings made by Seven are cheaply made. I don’t know enough about slings to concur, I just know that my experience was not smooth. It is essentially just a piece of fabric, however.

Want this sling? Maybe you’ll have better luck than me. It is new. It was tried on once. Use it for yourself or give it away to a friend. Make sure to refer to the site for wear instructions.

Win a Seven Everyday Sling, Sling Size 4 (M-L, D cup), in design Caramel Latte, worth $48 full price– enter the easy Rafflecopter Giveaway here!

~ Contest runs January 26th – February 7th. ~

Have You Gotten Your FREE ‘In Search of the Perfect Birth’ Yet?

25 01 2012

That’s right. Starting yesterday, and for a VERY limited time, you can get In Search of the Perfect Birth (Kindle Edition) FREE on Amazon.

US link: ISOtPB on Kindle
UK link:  ISOtPB on Kindle

Don’t have a Kindle? Neither do I– you can still get the book. Most of our readers are getting theirs via phone or PC. If you haven’t already, join the hundreds of other people who’ve grabbed it, and make sure you tell people about this. It’ll be over soon.

I have been so, so happy at the amazing response we’ve received. So many pages have graciously shared us, and people have been messaging and commenting wonderful things. I hope you will enjoy the book as much as they have. Thank you to the following pages who have so far shared this free book news with their awesome communities.  Stop by and visit them and see if you like what they have to offer. So many people have been helpful, so I might be forgetting someone– if I have, please, let me know!


The Skeptical Mother  I hope to expose the truth and dispel the lies that are often spread by opponents of homebirth and natural childbirth.
Lactastic Mommy- Your BFF (Best Breastfeeding Friend) [she shared it, twice!] This page is devoted to helping moms and dads with all things breastfeeding in an open, nonjudgmental forum.
Unassisted Childbirth/Freebirth  Unassisted birth also called Freebirth, is giving birth without the assistance of a professional birth attendant.
Undisturbed Birth  Birthing in Freedom
The Mom: Informed  We provide information and web links for parents.
Natural Pregnancy & Childbirth  Pregnancy, Natural Childbirth, Waterbirth, Homebirth, Breastfeeding and more.
Funky Little EarthChild  The gentle and not-so-gentle ramblings of a voice for those who cannot speak.
Know Better, Do Better Birth Services   Birth Doula and Placenta Encapsulation Services
Freebirth Australia  A website about freebirth, for freebirthers, by a freebirther!


@esalibirth  Esali Birth: We believe providing knowledge to our students allows them to be removed of cultural stigmas and fear tactics placed on many of us by society.


We are #1 at Amazon Kindle in the Pregnancy/Childbirth category. ♥ In the UK, we are currently ranked #18 in Personal Health on Kindle.

If you haven’t helped us spread the word, you’re missing out on being a part of an extremely great group of people. If you haven’t read it yet, join the hundreds of mothers, activists, doulas, and midwives currently reading the book. The positive feedback has been tremendous… I am truly blown away.

Be on the lookout for another giveaway starting tomorrow. Our book will still be available for free, so this will be something running simultaneously, and it is baby related (of course). Are you curious what it is?

bumGenius Elemental One-Size All-in-One Cloth Diaper Review

23 01 2012

NOW Family provided me with two brand new bumGenius Elemental snap cloth diapers in Clementine and Moonbeam. It’s organic. These babies retail for in the $20 and $30s a piece.

Baby Sage was the winner of their Santa Baby photo contest; these would be used for him!

Now,  Sage already had several of the older bumGenius diapers, in the touch-tape, velcro-like attachments. We got them secondhand and they quickly became Dad’s favorite cloth diaper, so I was very excited to try the new version.

The old version is a pocket diaper, but the outer layer is waterproof and the inner layer is so thick and absorbent (yet, fit is always trim) that you really don’t have to use inserts or liners at all. I never have to use diaper covers with bumGenius, either.

This new version had a different set-up. At first I thought it was an odd configuration, but then I realized it still allowed for liners to be used if preferred (slip between the slots– but, not necessary!).

So, we put Sage in the first diaper and confidently went out shopping. We’re a family of five and live in a rural area, so shopping excursions with our child, toddler, and infant can take awhile.

Five hours later…

Um, doesn’t Sage need a dipe? Yes…

Daddy lovingly checked it out for me and replaced with a clean diaper. But, what you need to know is, there was NO leakage or problems of any kind, whatsoever. And yes, that was after being in the diaper for about 5 hours! Sage was nine months old at the time, breastfed and trying solid foods. Sage was very content the entire time in his diaper, and his bum’s in good shape.

Batman Sage dons "Clementine"-- bumGenius Elemental.

So, needless to say, Mommy and Daddy both love the new version of bumGenius cloth diapers. Thanks to NOW Family for giving us a wonderful prize, and the opportunity regularly for people to win awesome stuff like this!

I think this diaper would be great for:  newbies who want to see how convenient modern cloth diapering actually is, as well as seasoned vets who appreciate the best dipes on the market. So, pretty much any cloth diaperer. Also great for the bedtime dipe– baby stays content all night, everybody wakes up dry.

Want to win some bumGenius? Head over to NOW Family, who will be sharing details very soon on how you can win some from the new Elemental line.


****If you have a product or service you would like to see reviewed here, contact info@theperfectbirth.com to inquire. ****