Freebirthing Mother Has Children Taken– You Can Help!

26 11 2014

You have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, but think of what it is going to be like for this family. Imagine having 3 breastfed, happy, healthy babies snatched from you right before Thanksgiving and the eldest’s first birthday. Not because abuse is happening, but because your choices differ a little from the mainstream.

I’m gonna give you the quick bullet points so you can act now, but you can read more about it here.
Medical Kidnap

  • Erica & Cleave Rengo of Bellingham, Washington have 3 healthy, happy babies under 1 who were being breastfed, removed from their home.
  • The only thing they are “guilty” of is having a completely lawful homebirth and not using steroids to treat their baby’s eczema (who was being treated successfully by gentler herbal remedies).
  • Nothing else was “wrong” in the home.
  • No crime has been committed by the parents.
  • One of the newborn twins developed pneumonia after being taken earlier this month; his older brother has screaming episodes since being taken.
  • This is the first Thanksgiving for all of the children and Levi is about to miss his 1st birthday.
  • The parents have no custody or visitation until next month.

Here’s what you can do.

-Let Governor Jay Inslee of Washington State know this is unacceptable and inexcusable and you expect those children to be returned now before the situation grows exponentially worse with each missed precious day and special occasion. Tell him our children do NOT belong to the state and our people are FREE.

You can contact him here: His Facebook page. Leave a post on his Wall demanding immediate justice to correct the embarrassment of his state. The number to his office is: 360-902-4111. You can e-mail him here.

-File a complaint against CPS here: Complaint Start Page
According to the training manual below, mandated reporters should contact Constituent Relations at 360-902-8060 if they disagree with CPS’ decisions. I urge anyone who disagrees with CPS’ decision to take away Erica May Rengo’s children call this number until we have a resolution.” (quoting Jamie Ellsworth)

-Contact News Sources in the media to draw more attention and heat to influence expedited action. Consider local news sources within Washington State and Bellingham specifically, but also large national media outlets.

-Spread the word through social media, the internet, etc. Share this post or any of the other links you see here to get word out. Let people feel the outrage with you and take action along with you. Start a ripple effect that makes us heard.

Do any of these. Do all of these. They’re not going to ignore us while a family is suffering for no reason. We won’t let them.

If you could do just one good deed this Thanksgiving, what would it be? I feel incredibly moved to try to do my part to reunite a family that should never have been split up in the first place, and even that would be only one righteous step towards a just direction. What has done cannot be undone but it can get a LOT worse. Let’s jump in and help before this family’s hell is increased.

Let’s send a clear signal to our officials and politicians– you’re not going to kidnap MY children! Go help the children who are actually being abused and leave our healthy families alone!

Enjoy your holidays.

Make Memories & Make it Count

13 03 2013

As I approach the two year anniversary of my UC, thoughts turn to the future child we intend to have.

Parents of multiple children– have you ever felt like you really wanted to make sure you were making the most out of these times in your life, before they pass you by?

We have three children already, and we will probably have one more. And you know, it’s funny… looking back on three different pregnancies and three different births, even three different parenting experiences– all really different and unique in their own ways– we have experienced so much diversity in the way things have gone. And I’m so grateful for that! The richness of experience gives me the understanding of a little bit of everything. It helps me know what works best for me, and in a way, truly live.

So, here is a list of things I’ve never done that I’m wondering whether they’d be worth it to experience next time, since this will be possibly my last chance. Some of them I’m almost sure to do, and others are really iffy, but worth considering.

  1. Not take a pregnancy test (just know naturally that I am growing a baby inside me).
  2. Have an unassisted pregnancy (none of the unnecessary prodding or testing, except probably a mid-pregnancy ultrasound to watch for any conditions which may require medical intervention). Just have a stress-free pregnancy where I look after myself and enjoy the ride.
  3. Not announce my pregnancy to anyone. Just let people discover when I’ve got a baby.
  4. Take pregnancy announcement photos with a professional photographer.
  5. Get my pregnant belly painted, and/or get henna.
  6. Not have any kind of shower or blessing; maybe have a celebration party instead (before or after birth)
  7. Get people to donate frozen meals for after birth instead of making a registry or wish list for me and baby.
  8. Finally baby-wear!

    found at Healthy Mama Info

    I’d really like to try an Ergo Baby Carrier.

  9. Get Hypnobabies and see if it really works to eliminate pain in labor.
  10. Join a due date club.
  11. Blog through my whole pregnancy and birth, and open up, be myself and more personal. Let the readers/fans take the journey with me.
  12. Form a special due date club just for people “due” around the same time I am, for readers/followers of ISOTPB. Give presents, exchange birth beads for birth necklaces, etc.
  13. Be much more physically active during pregnancy.
  14. Really not find out the sex this time (and not accidentally observe it during ultrasound).
  15. Be open with most people about my intentions to birth unassisted before it actually happens.
  16. Not set up a crib this time around. Last time we hardly used it.
  17. Share my pregnancy journey with private birth support groups that I trust.
  18. Get adorable newborn photos with a professional photographer. You know, the kind with props and owl hats, that look like they belong in magazines.
  19. Announce my pregnancy right away, to everyone.
  20. Let everyone in on the name right away (rather than keeping it a secret until birth).
  21. Give everyone a fake baby name the whole pregnancy. >:)

Those are just a few of the things off the top of my head that I have thought about. But here’s the thing– when you’ve had a few kids, and you know that time in your life could be drawing to a close, you have to make it count. These are the memories we will look back on when we’re old with so much fondness, and I want to make sure that I’ve done everything that I really want to do in these departments before that chapter closes.

This is an exciting and thoughtful time, full of possibility and planning.  🙂

No Ordering A La Carte on the Health Care Menu!

27 06 2011

Medicine and health is a business, of which we are all consumers. Yet medical professionals hold this god-like status in our society, and we are expected to heed and listen without question while forking over massive amounts of dough (don’t even get me started on health insurance in our nation… will not go there).  Seems like they’ve got a pretty good gig, no? I mean, sign me up! Someone will absolutely take my word for something or be berated into compliance while I get paid huge amounts of cash?

The only problem is, I don’t believe in hurting people. I guess you could say I have an… oath. Yes. I have this personal oath where I do not wish to inflict harm on others. Okay, I’ll admit, sometimes I would like to. But, I don’t. Like I told a recent commenter on the “Mommy Wars” post, I at the very least do not draw first blood. But I digress.

I think our health care providers, as smart and educated as they may be, need to come back down to earth a little. I think they need more humility. Maybe a bit more compassion for the patient. I think they need to realize that WE are the ones in power, WE have the say, and WE get to choose what does and doesn’t happen to our bodies. Or, we should, if we were truly free, which I have my doubts about.

It is not wanting to be ordered around and subjected to unnecessary things or things which we do not agree with which has driven so many women to unassisted childbirth AND unassisted pregnancy (the latter of which I am almost forced into considering for my next one, due to the circumstances– see my book).

If I had my way, I would say no to certain tests and yes to others in pregnancy without anyone batting an eye. I would say no to vaginal exams unless I felt it might be worth it– maybe once to check it out, or if we suspect anything unusual. I would say yes to please keep giving me prenatal care on my terms, but no to tending me during labor and delivery (hands off, please). I would say yes to checking out me and baby post-delivery and giving me your expert opinion on our state, while cleaning us up and caring for us in any way we may need. Instead, I have to take all or nothing. It’s their way or the highway. Doesn’t that seem a little backwards to you?

Sometimes I feel this is just the legality of situations, be they in-hospital or at-home, docs or midwives. Sometimes I feel they could be on our side, fudge it a little, vouch for us, look out for us, give us what we want, what we need… but they don’t. In that case, it’s either they’re too comfortable and don’t want to rock the boat for us, or it’s that they truly believe in everything they are doing and have been doing, more so than they care about or believe in the wants and needs of the woman.

Naturally across the board (not just for pregnancy and birth), I think health care should be a la carte, like a menu. I drive down the road in my region and see a big billboard that reads the name of the hospital, and adds “Now doing heart transplants!” (or something along those lines) I find it humorous, but in a cynical way. Is this something we are shopping around for? Is this elective now? It’s just the way it is phrased, mind you, that troubles me (I otherwise *get* it)… by taking something emergency-natured and making it sound like an option or a choice, like buying a new car. So we have this, and we have elective c-sections, and we have plastic surgery. These are the types of things on the “menu”? And they’ll willingly fill your plate.

Under the care of these health standards, if drugs were calories, we’d all need heart transplants. (Hell, if drugs were drugs, we’d all need heart transplants, I suppose! *Lawl*) Either way, whatever literal or analogical, the health care industry sees dollar signs… some doubly so. All you have to do is show up.

What I’m asking for are a bunch of sides on this health care menu. This is flat out denied, or strongly discouraged, depending on what day you go in, which location you select, and which “waiter” you receive. I want to pick and choose what I need and what is done to or for me– what I “eat”, or consume.  As a consumer of their services, we are being told we have to take the whole meal cooked their way or leave. They obviously don’t care if we’re going hungry, they just want to tell us what to eat. And, they believe they are going to get our money anyway, one way or another. I’ve found the loophole–  I’ll stay at home. In fact, I can thank them for their attitudes in a way– if they had all been more accommodating, I may still be laboring with the pros instead of understanding truths about the human need to be alone in labor. So I guess in their own way, they’ve done me (and you?) a favor in that department.

So, thank you medical professionals, for your stringent rules and sometimes condescension. I am a better woman because of you. Everything I needed, I already got. It’s at home. I’ll come to you if I’m still hungry… that is, if you don’t close your doors to me.

PS– this is my video as seen on another blog post I did recently. I’m posting it in case you missed it, because I discuss the independence of assessing your own condition and the importance of weighing and considering everything to make a choice, rather than letting the medical establishment make choices FOR you.