300 Giveaway Results

14 08 2011

Our Winner was Donna Reicks. 🙂

I am thankful to each an every one of you for making our Facebook page so successful, and I will continue to keep it a safe place for honest discussions and information exchange in relation to birth. I don’t take it for granted that any of you are my fans or friends or supporters. It excites me every day to see new friends and conversations about birth, which is without a doubt one of the most important topics in life, ever. Obviously, birth is something that affects everyone, and if the way we approach birth is severely damaged, then of course, so are we. Being dedicated to awakening is a thing of beauty. You’ve all helped me and the book, but more importantly, the message.

Today Sage turns 5 months. He thanks you, too. He was happy to arrive the way he did, and he hopes your babies can arrive healthily and happily, too.

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300 Fan Giveaway

5 08 2011

Well, we finally reached THE 300 on Facebook. In fact, as I write this now, we are liked by 329 people, with several pages liking us as well (including Undisturbed Birth, The Birthing Site, Invisible Midwives, and more, including so many doula and midwifery personal and business pages).

So just like I promised, it’s time for another giveaway. Spartans?

Seriously though… birth is definitely a battleground at times, is it not? So thankful am I for any of you joining us for information, standing against the norms and systems to re-educate yourselves or others, and speaking up… and naturally anyone reading the book has my gratitude. 🙂 Let’s give a copy away!

If you’ve already “liked” us on facebook, you’re already entered to win.

Want additional entries? Do any of the following and you’ll receive them:

    • Follow our blog (subscribe).
    • Let other pages on the internet know about us. Do this by linking them to our Facebook page, our website, or our blog. This should be shared with relevant Facebook pages, articles on the internet, internet groups, blogs, etc. Please share it only with people you feel might appreciate us… don’t spam people.  :/  Be genuine and sincere, you know? No one likes a commercial. Then, send us the link where you’ve done this at info@theperfectbirth.com, so we can see it to verify. If doing via Facebook and using your personal page or status, please tag us so we know you’ve done this. 🙂
    • Refer someone you feel could benefit from our Facebook page to “like” us. Make sure they drop us a note (Wall post) saying that you sent them (if they tag you, that’d be great).
    • Comment on this blog post with ideas or suggestions you have for our Facebook page, questions, topics you want to hear more about, anything on your mind, etc.
    • Start a Discussion at our Facebook page (see the discussions tab); participate in a discussion there (one entry per person there; multiple comments will not count as multiple entries).

That’s it! Thank you for helping us grow our “army”. For us, it’s all about spreading knowledge– be it in sharing our stories, reading more books (or recommending good ones), looking at data and science, etc. But, one thing is for sure– women are not getting the full story when they become pregnant and make plans for their births, and with your help, hopefully we all keep growing and learning, together.

Drawing for a copy of the book In Search of the Perfect Birth ends August 14th, at 8:04 a.m., when my Sage turns 5 months old (happy 5 months, baby). I’ll randomly select a winner and announce it that day. If you are the winner and you already own a copy of the book, you have the option of receiving another copy, or you can choose a shirt or a bumper sticker instead. Let me know if you want the book signed or not signed. Thanks for reading, taking charge of your body, and spreading the word so other people can, too!