About Elizabeth X. Rhodes


Elizabeth X. Rhodes is a writer, speaker, and activist preoccupied with the concept of the liberation of all who suffer; particularly, females. She is married, has four children, and is described as a radical feminist and the quintessential Scorpio. She enjoys the Buddha and alternative comedy. You can find examples of her work below.

In Search of the Perfect Birth: A Journey From Hospital to Midwife to Unassisted Birth (2011)
She Rises Volume 2: How Goddess Activism, Feminism, Spirituality? (2016) [contributor]
First & Middle Baby Names (coming soon)
Inspirational Baby Names (coming soon)

Interview on Real Talk w/the Cummings regarding trans politics in childbirth (2015) [guest]
WLRN (Women’s Liberation Radio News) member (2016) [founding member; news, interviews, writer, producer, editor]

Blogs & Websites
The Perfect Birth (you are here)
The State of Birth Today (weekly digital newspaper)
First & Middle Baby Names

Social Media
Facebook: @ElizabethXRhodes @InSearchofthePerfectBirth @FirstMiddleBabyNames

“What we are doing is not a trend, not a movement… it’s a revolution.”

“Your job is not to save society, but to save yourself. You can’t count on society getting better, you can’t control whether or not they do, all you can do is control yourself and you can start by getting off the sinking ship. The ripple effect may cause you to improve society, and that’s just a bonus. Appo deepo bhava. Then and only then will you light a way for others. Freed people free people, but it’s up to them to accept.”

3 responses

11 05 2013
Pennie Brownlee

Thankyou so much for sharing on your fabulous site.
I too received the photo of the Himba woman and child on my facebook page and wondered (not with scepticism, because I understand that not every society has lost the plot around birthing), and here you have searched back. Those are the kinds of stories we need so that we know what is possible, and maybe then we can ‘feel’ our way back to something that serves babies, mothers and families better than what the medical model is serving to us.
Pennie Brownlee

11 02 2014
malana ashlie

I admire you and honor you for the return of sacred authority you are offering women.

8 12 2014

how can i reach you for a radio interview on the Rengo case?

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