Empowered Birth Awareness Week, Plus Some Giveaways

22 08 2011


(I can’t believe I just called it “fluff”. That’s “cloth diapers”, to the layperson.)

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***Natural HEALTHY Living***







She’s also good at schooling you on vitamins. She basically just told me and another poster that our prenatal vitamins were a joke. LAWL. Then she recommended something much better which were also suitable (and less questionably so) for vegetarians. They were a lot more expensive, but, I was impressed.



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This Next Notice is for Empowered Birth Awareness Week.

Please “attend”. We are talking back our births, normalizing birth, empowering women through encouragement and education, smashing myths, etc. ISOTPB (that’s me) will be doing stuff for this leading up to and including that week, so stay tuned and please spread the word. Women need to stop suffering and start recognizing their power. The time is now.

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  • Empowered Birth Awareness Week event on Facebook, happening everywhere, worldwide. Click “Attending”. Tell them we sent you, for good karma. Tell your friends to attend.

Okay, that’s it for now– just those updates.

Tricks to Eliminating Back Labor

21 08 2011

I have had back labor with all of my kids, although I didn’t always consciously recognize it as such. I kind of just thought that this was what labor simply was, and that it was nothing short of maddening. However, the more stories I heard of labor and was able to compare my feelings against others’, I realized that I was experiencing back labor.

In fact, if I didn’t have back labor, my labors would all have been either pain free or nearly pain free.

So what can we do to eliminate or prevent this, to have a natural experience and not have to force ourselves so hard to cope with pain that could be needlessly brutal?

I have been seeing a bunch of articles and posts on the topic going around, so let’s immediately rule some things out so we can zero in on some more interesting ideas.

  1. Back Labor– Myth or Reality? Um, are you serious? This must be from the school of If-I-Didn’t-Experience-it-Firsthand-it-Doesn’t-Exist. This sounds like arguments of whether the female orgasm exists or not. Well let me clue you in to both… there are millions of people who can vouch for their existence.
  2. The baby is in a bad position. None of my babies were in a “bad” position, to my knowledge. They all emerged as expected. There are lots of repositioning techniques and advice out there, but if you’re like me, to simplify, let’s rule this out as a factor.
  3. Epidurals will not eliminate back labor. I am not an intentional proponent of the epidural, but it DID eliminate my back labor and made the rest of my delivery a piece of cake. Let’s face it– sometimes epidurals don’t work for some people. Some women get only half numb, or not numb at all. It’s all individual and probably has to do with the anesthesiologist, the woman, and the combination of drugs being administered. You can’t just blanket say it will work or it won’t work. But anyway, let’s focus on natural methods.

There are many “maybes” to eliminate back labor pain. I haven’t tried all of these yet, but am highly curious and consider these to be worth a look. Maybe it will help you, or you can even vouch for their effectiveness, personally.

  • Counter-pressure. 

During my last labor, the UC, I found myself on my hands and knees. In fact, my knees got bruised and sore for being on them for hours, and I must have been pressing with force using my knees… it was all I could do to get by.  I found myself using my hands on my lower back and pressing hard on it, and it almost took away the edge of the pain. I did not ask my husband to help me with this (I had this thing of not wanting to be touched), but perhaps it would have helped? I wished that I could have leaned into the bed with my belly, but I didn’t want to do anything hard against the baby.

Some of our readers were discussing it over at our Facebook page, In Search of the Perfect Birth, and Amaya agreed that both she and her sister experienced back labor. With her sister’s recent birth of baby Alexia, Amaya applied constant pressure to her lower back to help relieve the pain, to the point of bruising Dania’s back and numbing her own thumbs. Sara’s husband applied the constant counterpressure and it led to an almost pain-free birth!and, the baby had a nuchal arm.


  • Sterile Water Injections.

This is a new one on me.

The technique is easy to do and almost completely risk free. Only water is injected, so it is suitable for those trying to avoid medications for pain relief during labor. In addition, it is appropriate for patients that might not qualify for an epidural due to their medical status. Perhaps most importantly, it can be dramatically effective even when other techniques of pain relief seem to fail.”   – Sterile Water Injections for Low Back Pain in Labor

It sounds good, and they are really selling me on the ease and the risk. It sounds *almost* harmless. However, a skeptical part of my mind chimes in. A) If you inject anything into yourself, especially your back, you should really know what you’re doing. B) “Almost” completely risk free…. ? So, obviously, there are risks, and they aren’t really being discussed on that particular post. C) Even if I am a fan of DIY, isn’t the goal to relieve pain with as minimal a level of invasion as possible? Even if it is just water, injecting oneself in the back seems a bit extreme.
Still, reservations and hesitations aside, I keep an open mind and am willing to learn more.
  • Hydrotherapy.

This involves being submerged in very warm water, or getting into the shower. I did labor on #3 in a birthing tub (kiddie fish pool), but we had a little snafu with the water temperature and whole set up, which was less than ideal and involved my husband pouring buckets of hot water in repeatedly. I spent hours out of the birth pool when I found the need to use the bathroom on and off, and then finally the pain became as such that I desired to give the pool another try. I feel that if the water had remained hot enough, it would have been more helpful, BUT, submersion once again did provide some comfort. Every time he poured another bucket of hot water, it was an instant of soothing.

One thing I love hearing about are the women who felt compelled to hit the showers during labor. Almost every story I hear speaks of this remarkable relief of the water on them. I think this is some combo of hydrotherapy and counterpressure. So many babies are born to relieved moms who were standing up in the shower! This is something I may try next time.

  • Essential Oils.

Peppermint Essential Oil– You can smell peppermint essential oil to relieve nausea during labor. This oil is also helpful to relieve the pain from back labor. Just massage on your lower back.    –Using Essential Oils in Labor, A Hidden Secret

Sounds reasonable and safe enough. The smell and taste of peppermint does work for nausea in pregnancy, by the way. I can’t tell you how many times it kept me from getting overly sensitive and throwing up. That site (see the link) has many other essential oils and their purposes in aiding your labor, but does have warnings about using them safely. Worth a try and a read, I figure.

  • Seeing a chiropractor.

Okay, I hear this one a lot. Enough to make me consider it. But, I’m skeptical. Growing up, I’d always heard that chiropractors were “quacks”, and what they did was “dangerous”, and they were not “real” “doctors”… but hell, the same is said about me, and by largely ignorant people. This gives me pause to consider if maybe… just maybe… chiropractors aren’t so bad. So many people have given them credit for relieving their labor pain (in being treated during pregnancy leading up to labor), it’s hard for me to ignore their accounts. In this article, the writer gives the chiropractor credit for eliminating pain in her second labor after having a painful back labor with her first.

The lingering concern for me, is still… can I trust any so-called professional with the manipulation of my body? Is it necessary? Are they really just “quacks” who are going to eff up my spine?

  • Warm compresses.

Another one that sounds like a combo of hydrotherapy and counterpressure. Sounds effective and harmless, if you can stand someone helping you apply it during labor. Some of us so strongly don’t want to be touched… can we try it?

  • Does this book help?

The reviews seem great. The title is intriguing. It’s called Back Labor No More! What Every Woman Should Know Before Labor. Oh… I’m a woman! What should I know?

A whole book dedicated to not having back labor? Must be a lot to say on the subject. If any of you have read it, please let me know your thoughts. I was thinking about reading the book, but one thing that stopped me was a reviewer mentioning… you guessed it… controlling the position of the baby. So, I refer back to #2, above– does not apply. If most of the book were about that, I really would not need it.

  • No back-laying.

Counterpressure works, but not when a woman is laboring on her back. Laboring on the back is just about the worst thing you could make a woman experiencing horrific back labor do. It intensifies everything very cruelly. In the hospital, it led to me accepting the epidural. You’d have less pain if you were standing up or changing positions, and the baby is allowed easier passage.

So, have you tried any of these? Did they help or not help? Is there something not mentioned here which miraculously saved the day when you were having back labor? Please share your experiences with the class.

300 Giveaway Results

14 08 2011

Our Winner was Donna Reicks. 🙂

I am thankful to each an every one of you for making our Facebook page so successful, and I will continue to keep it a safe place for honest discussions and information exchange in relation to birth. I don’t take it for granted that any of you are my fans or friends or supporters. It excites me every day to see new friends and conversations about birth, which is without a doubt one of the most important topics in life, ever. Obviously, birth is something that affects everyone, and if the way we approach birth is severely damaged, then of course, so are we. Being dedicated to awakening is a thing of beauty. You’ve all helped me and the book, but more importantly, the message.

Today Sage turns 5 months. He thanks you, too. He was happy to arrive the way he did, and he hopes your babies can arrive healthily and happily, too.

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“I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant!”: For Dummies?

8 08 2011

Everyone’s pregnancy is different, and we each feel “symptoms” in different ways. But, how could you not know you are pregnant? Well, apparently it happens a lot since there is even a TV show dedicated to the subject. To our amusement, we watch at home while ladies recount their sudden realizations that a baby is coming out of them!

I actually knew a woman that this happened to, and I heard the story while pregnant with my first. It baffled me. The one symptom I can’t reconcile is… how did you not feel the baby move?  Other women’s babies keep them up at night, furiously kicking their rib cage. Not an easy sign to miss.

The answer is usually that they thought it was gas. I’m thinking… that’s some gas! My baby’s movements, to me, were unmistakably different from anything else I had ever felt. There was obviously some “foreign” entity inhabiting my body. 🙂

Another factor is weight. Apparently heavier ladies have a harder time recognizing the movements happening inside. Okay, I can see that.

Is everything so subjective when it comes to touch that it is really hard for us to judge others?

Just today at The Birthing Site (FB) we were discussing pain. So many women said childbirth was pain free, or “good pain”, or forgettable pain. Not for me. Early labor was pretty nice, “good pain”… the productive stuff was far from it. And I have a nice tolerance. I’ve pierced myself a handful of times, I’ve gotten my foot sliced open without crying (okay, I cried when I noticed blood, and then when they stitched me, but I was 12 or 13), and I believe in meditation and mind over matter abilities. My pain was still the maddening sort, so I had to politely add my two cents to their discussion. I felt like to not would give people false hope of a totally good-feeling birth experience (and thus induce panic if things did not unfold as such); or, it could place judgment that those who did feel pain were “doing it wrong”.  I am happy for women who go pain free, though! It’s obviously a reality for some people. I still consider that it could even be a future possibility for me.

I guess you just never know.

Another example of differences in sensation between us as individuals is when people describe their labors, women referring to feeling something with their cervix (“the baby coming out really hurt my cervix”, “I could tell without touching that my cervix felt fully dilated/ripe”, etc. ).  I am always thinking… “really?” Because personally, I don’t think I can recognize with sensation that something is occurring to my cervix. Not in those terms, with that specificity, anyway. Am I broken? :/

So when it comes to these “didn’t know they were pregnant”, “I thought it was gas” ladies… maybe it’s something similar. Maybe all sensation truly is relative. Maybe usual pain threshold is no indication of what we will feel in our births. Maybe it’s all apples and oranges, always. Maybe a love tap to one person feels like a punch to the next. It all seems very subjective.

How can we really ever judge what another person is feeling, physically, unless we are in their body? So, amused as we may be… (I mean, did you see the woman who had surprise TWINS?!?!?!), we can never really know unless we’ve been there. Slight giggles, but no real judgments, from me.

300 Fan Giveaway

5 08 2011

Well, we finally reached THE 300 on Facebook. In fact, as I write this now, we are liked by 329 people, with several pages liking us as well (including Undisturbed Birth, The Birthing Site, Invisible Midwives, and more, including so many doula and midwifery personal and business pages).

So just like I promised, it’s time for another giveaway. Spartans?

Seriously though… birth is definitely a battleground at times, is it not? So thankful am I for any of you joining us for information, standing against the norms and systems to re-educate yourselves or others, and speaking up… and naturally anyone reading the book has my gratitude. 🙂 Let’s give a copy away!

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That’s it! Thank you for helping us grow our “army”. For us, it’s all about spreading knowledge– be it in sharing our stories, reading more books (or recommending good ones), looking at data and science, etc. But, one thing is for sure– women are not getting the full story when they become pregnant and make plans for their births, and with your help, hopefully we all keep growing and learning, together.

Drawing for a copy of the book In Search of the Perfect Birth ends August 14th, at 8:04 a.m., when my Sage turns 5 months old (happy 5 months, baby). I’ll randomly select a winner and announce it that day. If you are the winner and you already own a copy of the book, you have the option of receiving another copy, or you can choose a shirt or a bumper sticker instead. Let me know if you want the book signed or not signed. Thanks for reading, taking charge of your body, and spreading the word so other people can, too!