Emergency Childbirth: Free Download


The above link is Emergency Childbirth: A Manual by Dr. Gregory White. Please download it and print it out, as trying to read it on the computer will be uneven and induce neck cramps.

This is a very simple, accessible must-read for everyone, not just parents-to-be. How does birth work out safely, when no one medical is around to tend? Find out what paramedics were advised and the common sense practicality that still keeps things smooth and safe today.

Considered so easy that even an 8 year old could follow it. An essential part of any unassisted birther’s collection.

Leave the system, liberate your mind and body, experience your place within the divine feminine. I believe in you. Embrace your true power… no one can take it away from you.


8 responses

7 02 2015
I Call For a Return to Primal Birth Wisdom | theperfectbirth

[…] Emergency Childbirth: Free Download […]

22 02 2016

Thank you.

25 04 2016

can’t seem to download – it looks like it was about to download, but then I can’t find it anywhere on my computer…

25 04 2016

yep, got it – you have to click on his name to get it downloaded in a printable form.

30 08 2017
No Epidural and No Whining, with Celeste & Claudiu Bancos - Birthful.com

[…] Emergency Childbirth: A Manual, by Gregory White (This book is out of print, so the available copies are rare and pricey. There is a free .pdf download here) […]

7 10 2017
Jordan A Check

Wanted to buy a copy of this book, Amazon was the only place selling..um I’m not paying $200 for this book… thanks KS for the download!!!

19 12 2017

Thank you for this very useful resource! I am very happy to have found it to download and print!

15 01 2018


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